IDEA LED Signs, Digital Signs, Kalamazoo, MI

Did You Know?

  • With an LED sign consumers are 8 times more likely to notice your sign then if you had no LED
  • LED illuminated signs use only a fraction of electricity lowering your consumption cost while decreasing your carbon footprint a real win win.
  • EIO= Eyes On Impression the number of passerbys that actually look at your sign.
  • A,B,C variable C being those who stop at your place of business we can only and B how we attract those persons. We can only impact B& C - A The number of people within the market NO CONTROL.

Visibility Matters

That’s right you thought we where done, well not yet. IDEA LED SIGNS offers advertising campaigns that ensure you get the most LED BANG for the buck. Take a look below at what you get for FREE with any purchase of one of our amazing LED signs

FREE Digital Full color advertisements with the purchase of any full color LED sign

IDEA focuses on turning your sign from a marker that blends in to a beautiful 24/7 marketing tool. Beyond the basic metrics of ‘sales’ we like to get creative and create a great experience for those who pass by your business.

We’ll improve your smile to frown ratio and reduce your cost to laugh… why not create ads that make people smile and laugh, this will definitely create a positive attitude toward your business causing more referrals and more new and repeat customers.

Now you tell me if you can get that kind of service from larger competitors? Our professional advertisers from all around the globe provide diverse ad campaigns to give your business the greatest impact. It’s what they do best! So fill out our contact form and lets get started today on your vision.

Free Quote

  • Graphics Designer & Ad Writer will be assigned to work with you
  • Develop a plan for action
  • Identify your target market
  • Target those persons with digital ads
  • Create 10 FREE digital ads either image or video
  • Every 90 days go over what we have learned
  • Implement new ideas
IDEA LED Signs, Digital Signs, Kalamazoo, MI