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IDEA LED provides digital mobile billboard displays that are way brighter than traditional static mobile billboard advertising. The perfect mix of size, clarity and resolution easily breaks through the clutter of advertising. They are quite convenient in terms of changing the creative, which can be done quite easily and without production charges. Mobile billboards are perfect for promoting any kind of business or service or product. Whether you wish to display static images or animation or a full-fledged video, all can be done on digital billboards. IDEA’s Extender Mobile LED Screen brings the attention to your business, which it deserves. It is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional billboard advertising. Our LEDs screens offer high picture quality thus being more effective in its purpose of reaching out to your audience.

IDEA Extender Mobile LED Screen Advertising

IDEA Extender Mobile LED Screen Advertising is the only service provider of its kind in West Michigan. We take our work very seriously and therefore always strive to render the best quality service to our customers. Our mobile LED screen is very effective in attracting the attention of your targeted audience. With advertising spot limited to 60, over 1000 impressions per month is guaranteed.

How Is Idea’s Mobile Led Advertising Effective?

IDEA’s extender mobile LED screen grabs the attention of the audience due to its uniqueness. They travel to where your audience is most likely to be, i.e. at roads with high traffic volume and at places specific to the targeted audience. The mobility of these LED screens allows your company to promote your business in strategic locations that will help in generating higher ROI. IDEA’s extender is present at the local large scale events and other huge gatherings. With no other vehicle in Kalamazoo like Extender, it delivers rich digital content to the audiences directly. It gets you at least 1440 impressions per 16 day monthly cycle, which brings the total cost of per impression to be $0.24 cents, making it the lowest cost offline source of advertising.

Affordable Cost Effective Pricing

  • Daily Events on site 4 hours max $800.00 Plus Tax
  • 3 Day on site Max 15 hours $2400.00 Plus Tax
  • Weekly on site Max 30 hours $3500.00 Plus Tax
  • Month subscribe $1000 Plus Tax
  • Yearly Subscribe ONLY $300.00 per month with 3 Month Minimum Down $900 (Auto Pay Required)
  • Advertisement creation $99.99 per ad, you may supply your own ads

USP of Mobile Advertising

  • It offers outstanding visibility with the help of vibrant LED mobile billboard displays
  • Audio is also available for visual as well as aural presentation
  • During the course of everyday LED mobile billboard run, multiple messages can be delivered
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