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Successful advertising professionals don’t need market research statistics to know that illuminated signage attracts more attention than non-illuminated signage. Backlit signage is one of the most powerful tools to attract your potential customers’ attention. IDEA LED offers a wide range of backlit signage designs for you to choose from. We hold extensive experience and expertise in creating the best-suited backlit signage for your business.

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Perfect Solution for Backlit Signage Needs

IDEA LED is here to help you design the perfect LED backlit letter sign for your business. The sophisticated halo lighting effect guarantees your sign will be visible and attractive to passersby both day and night. We work diligently with you from concept to application; therefore, it is our promise that your letters will properly match your brand. Custom-made for each client, our backlit letters can come in a number of sizes, shapes and colors – promoting your brand’s individuality and message.

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