IDEA LED Signs, Digital Signs, Kalamazoo, MI

Did You Know?

  • With an LED sign consumers are 8 times more likely to notice your sign then if you had no LED
  • LED illuminated signs use only a fraction of electricity lowering your consumption cost while decreasing your carbon footprint a real win win.
  • EIO= Eyes On Impression the number of passerbys that actually look at your sign.
  • A,B,C variable C being those who stop at your place of business we can only and B how we attract those persons. We can only impact B& C - A The number of people within the market NO CONTROL.

Backlit Graphic Signage


Make your business 9 times more visible by adding backlit to your graphic sign.

Cost Effective

Backlit signage is a cost effective solution to brand your business. Ask us energy saving options.


Enhance your brand image with a custom designed backlit sign including your logo.


Working long nights and weekends you have built a business to last and one that others value. Now our only issue is having the right sign to represent that success. You deserve the break IDEA will give and a Illuminated sign seen from blocks away will represent your passion

At night they can be seen for thousands of feet giving your potential customer the heads up your business is here thriving and excited to serve.

IDEA can build the perfect Illuminated sign your business needs. Lets tell the world we are here and we have made it together. Fill out our contact us form today time is wasting

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IDEA LED Signs, Digital Signs, Kalamazoo, MI