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Attractive Signage Boosts Your Business

  • 8 in 10, or around 76%, of all consumers reported having chosen to enter one store or business they had never heard of or visited based solely on their signage.
  • Around 67% of the consumers reportedly made a purchase of either a product or service simply due to having their eye caught by an attractive sign.
  • Just about 75% of consumers gave a referral to a friend based only on the business’s signage.

Your Channel Letter Solution

Backlit Channel Letter Signage

Backlit Channel Letters are ones that have metal faces and returns (sides of letters) but have a clear plastic backing. These letters are designed to be mounted an inch or two away from the wall. At night, these letters create a beautiful halo-lit effect. Our high-quality construction practices ensure water can't get inside to damage the lighting and that your sign will last for years. Over the years, our skilled experts have perfected the process of fabricated stainless steel letters, using stainless steel.

Why Choose IDEA LED

Create a dramatic halo lighting effect with reverse channel letters. We insert high-quality, low-voltage LED modules inside our fabricated stainless steel channel letters and provide a durable backer. During installation, the letters are floated off the wall with spacers — and results are breathtaking, both indoors and outside. With adequate thickness, our fabricated stainless steel letters are ideal when you’re looking for letters with a greater depth.

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