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Moisture Tested

We take step in our processes to insure your signs are put through vigorous testing. You deserve the best!



Modules are tested one by one for water seepage. IDEA professionals will place modules in pool carefully watching them for water intrusion if water is seen coming through to the PCB Board the module will be marked as “BAD” and not used in your sign.


Here at IDEA LED Signs we insure our signs are water tested. This gives our clients the surety they need and the protection they deserve. We carefully provide the following steps.


Our professional after each module is installed with water tight rubber seal we carefully lower your sign into a pool face down watching for water penetration. After 5 minutes any water seepage will be marked and sealed properly with our 100% water tight sealant.

Each cabinet is made from Steel and is tested prior to installation using our pool test. LITE IT LED professional will lower the cabinet into pool carefully watching for water intrusion if water penetrates the cabinet then that cabinet will be fixed and tested till it withstand water.
All signs using existing cabinets will need blower systems installed to combat humidity. Failure to take this into account will result in your signs failure in high humidity and possible rain. If you plan to purchase an LED sign for your business be prepared to pay the cost for a job done correctly. There is no way around paying for what you need!!

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