Facts that Matter

Here is one of our high quality outdoor cabinets. You can see the seal the access door and louvers to help the sign stay cool under extreme heat. Our products can compete with any company that offers LED Message Centers. We have frontal service,
rear service in most pitch available. No matter the size of the customer or the company we can help.

Sure you are comparing to other big name brands and they are telling you the lower cost signs just dont stand up to our products. That is not true if you spend 60K dollars with our company you will get a 60K dollar sign. If you have less the sign will reflect that. It is true money allows for the most time dedicated to perfecting the task and we wont make claims that you can get like quality by paying less with us.

Your Business Matters

No company starts with 50 plus years of experience. We all start with year one. We work hard to grow our companies to represent our efforts and validate us as people. IDEA staff is no different. We are honest people living the American dream hoping for an opportunity to serve

Give us a chance to show you our talents and help you make sense of your advertising budgets. We will work hard for your company and deliver the products you purchase on time and within budget. Our communication is nothing short of excellent. We will provide transparency throughout the build giving you the comfort and confidence you expect