Message Center Facts

  • LED signs attract consumers. 8 times more likely to notice your sign.
  • IDEA LED signs use 5V on 110/220 decreasing your carbon footprint a real win win.
  • EIO= "Eyes On Impression" the number of passerby's that actually look at your sign.
  • A,B,C variables C being those who stop at your place of business, and B how we attract those persons. We can only impact B & C. A = The number of people within the market NO CONTROL.

Why Work With IDEA LED Signs?

UL Certification

A sign built to last meets standards that are nationally recognized. Local AHJ officials sometimes require UL certification this is why we work closely with certified companies and follow strict guidelines to insure your sign always meets standard.

Protecting our customers and their investments is one more thing IDEA does to earn your trust.


Giving is the absolute best thing any person can do and especially giving to those who are most in need.

IDEA contributes to families and children all over the world through the nationally recognized Not for Profit Organization Heifer. Doing our part to help others


Being a part of Michigan Small Business Development Center has given our company the guidance and know-how to exhibit sound business practices helping our small business remain strong and forward thinking.

Our team leader Sandra Cochran has invested countless hours and offer resources that have truly made the difference. Thanks Sandra

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