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Thanks for visiting and giving IDEA LED SIGNS a chance at your valuable business. Since you're here please be sure to see how IDEA can help your business grow. Offering a variety of signage and digital promotional services IDEA can provide enterprise level solutions at prices that simply make sense. - Request your free quote
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IDEA proudly serves the great lakes area including Michigan , Wisconsin , illinois , Indiana_Ohio. IDEA’s operates out of Kalamazoo Michigan but our reach has impacted the entire region.
IDEA is commited to spreading success stories through out the United States so don’t let distance stop you from making that call. Contact us today and let us do all the worrying. No matter where your business resides we are confident we can help.

LED Sign Areas We Serve

Ann Arbor, MI

Big Rapids, MI

Battle Creek, MI

Chicago, IL

Cleveland, OH

Columbus, OH

Detroit, MI

Flint, MI

Fort Wayne, IN

Grand Rapids, MI

Holland, MI

Lansing, MI

Kalamazoo, MI

Kentwood, MI

Madison, WI

Muskegon, MI

Milwaukee, WI

Sterling Heights, MI

South Bend, IN

Wyoming, MI

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