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Thanks for visiting and giving IDEA LED SIGNS a chance at your valuable business. Since you're here please be sure to see how IDEA can help your business grow. Offering a variety of signage and digital promotional services IDEA can provide enterprise level solutions at prices that simply make sense. - Request your free quote
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Welcome to IDEA LED SIGNS & Marketing where signs, designs and prices make sense. Business signs are critical in helping your business stand out against the noise of everyday  Out Of Home advertising. Good signage makes your place memorable thus impacting future sales. IDEA is here to help businesses thrive using a proven set of tactics and ideologies. IDEA staff, consist of college graduates majoring in Marketing and Business we bring those assets to each customers unique situation. IDEA works with talented people all over the world to bring you the latest in LED technology and innovation.

Our strength is in our ability to not only design your signage but help our customers build brands. Story after story our customers have seen huge benefits, what matters most. IDEA LED signs are built in the USA we are a local business simply put everyday working men.

At IDEA we’re interested in providing best quality custom signs fit to meet your businesses needs and those it serves. Please fill out our contact us form and lets together find the perfect solution to your need.

13 Half Backlit LED Sign at Night

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custom Signs Company Kalamazoo

10% Revenue Increase

Our revenue has increased by 10% since IDEA installed our LED sign. The results have been nothing short of amazing!

Sid, Muffler Man Owner



Customers come in all the time saying they seen the LED sign built by IDEA.

Mayor Bob Weaver



Without the LED sign IDEA installed for our business (Discount Furniture and Mattress) our business would have closed in the first month, the LED sign we purchased brings on average 3-4 customers daily, it was a huge benefit to us

Sunny (Discount Furniture and Mattress)


  • High picture quality with the highest pitch (resolution) signs in the industry
  • High brightness our LED’s provide amazing brightness levels
  • Latest technology we use the same technology used in digital highway billboards
  • Aluminum and Steel sign cabinets providing light weight, great support, weather proof and long lifespan
  • Precision cutting using Flow Jet providing 5000 of an inch accuracy
  • Professionally painted sign cabinets, offering powder coat painting for an excellent finish and appeal
  • Aluminum extrusions with easy access hinges and great water proof seal
  • High quality, lasting materials for backlit signs including Lexan and LED inner lighting reducing energy & heat vs fluorescent
  • Quality Channel Letters including racetrack (back plate) and inner lighting
Shawama King Before After LED Backlit

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LED SIGN – Digital LED displays P1.75mm – P16mm Full Color supporting video, text, animations, temperature, clocks, images, text overlay and more 

Backlit SIGN – Business signs internally lit with LED 6500 lumens pure white light lasting 100K hours.

Channel Letter SIGN – Unique designs any font and size needed internally lit with LED or NOT UL raceway and wiring low energy consumption signs 

Rental Digital Displays – Excellent option for events and special occasions we offer mobile digital billboard advertising and a massive 20 foot by 10 foot digital display screen.

JenningsDevelopment Interplex Brass Channel Letters Sign

In Shop CNC Machine Sign Creation

CNC Machine Sign Creation
Que Buenos Channel Letters Created With CNC

Channel Letters Created With CNC

IDEA’s in shop CNC Machine allows us to create high quality affordable signage for our clients. The machine provides precision cutting to create high quality channel letters, engraved signage and much more. Give us a call today to find out if we’re the perfect fit for your signage or CNC needs. Custom CNC cutting jobs are accepted on a case by case basis and do not necessarily need to be signage related.

CNC Cutting Que Buenos Letters

Cutting Channel Letters With CNC

Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising

Mobile LED Screen rental Michigan

IDEA is excited to announce the IDEA Extender Mobile LED Screen. Advertising spots are now available!

Now you can get up close and personal on the only mobile LED screen in West Michigan at an affordable price. Spots are limited to 60 so call now to find out about our special introductory discount prices. Exclusive daily, weekend and weekly rental is also available. Give us a call to find out more.

For Mobile LED Advertising Call 269-779-9163

Sign Comparision

LED Sign Comparision


Farmers LED Sign Transformation

Our signs are built in Kalamazoo, MI our designs are proprietary. IDEA’s cost structure is managed on a micro level eliminating your chance for paying to much. We will stand behind our promise to you and our products.

We specialize in working with small to medium size companies. IDEA’s organizational structure to accommodate you the people who matter the most. Your concerns we take serious and genuinely we wish to solve them and provide you with real solutions. No sign job is too big and no company too small.

Fill out our contact us form and lets get rolling on your future success

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Custom Built Business Sign

Our signs are tailored to fit your specific needs and custom engineered. We build custom commercial signs to suit your situation addressing both logistics and price. Our professionals expericence will help you determine the right solution. See for yourself stop by our office and have a look at our signs being built or fill out our contact us form and let one of our professionals help


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